Our Assets Management Department
advises you for your real-estate
investment with AGIR.


Invest to accommodate for oneself or invest in order to rent and/or reduce taxation real estate is the referring standard to build a strong patrimony.


Our Rentals Management Department can care about your properties and can guarantee you regular earnings.




Provide accommodation for yourself

Become the owner of your main residence, or grow is the
wish of all families. 

Buyer or Seller, it’s a complicated process to find whether
a property, or a buyer

INTERNET has simplifies the management of this issue
but one needs to manage it on a regular basis and face
multiple contacts, more or less interested.

A winning partnership for all the contractors involved :

AGIR Patrimony, by respecting your objectives, offers you :

An exclusive mutual trust partnership

You are a BUYER, AGIR Patrimony :

  • Defines with you the real estate good you seek for

  • Visits and confirms the interest of those properties

  • Presents you the selected places

  • Organizes the visits at your convenience

  • Follows you all the way and advise you on formalities

  • Proposes you an adequate source of financing


You are a SELLER, AGIR Patrimony :

  • Visits you property and confirm the terms of the sale

  • Selects the targeted properties on the market.

  • Establishes a sale mandate

  • Researches and selects the potential buyers

  • Organizes the visits at your convenience

  • Organizes the meeting for the signing of the
    sale promise agreement.

  • Lead the follow-up from the sale to the signing with the notary.

A team of dedicated experts is available to give you information
and is ready to define a tailor-made partnership.

Do not hesitate to contact us for any information you need !