Our Assets Management Department
advises you for your real-estate
investment with AGIR.


Invest to accommodate for oneself or invest in order to rent and/or reduce taxation real estate is the referring standard to build a strong patrimony.


Our Rentals Management Department can care about your properties and can guarantee you regular earnings.




Invest in real estate taking advantage of the taxes exemptions is
something really feasible and possible !

The State allows those who buy a property directed to rental use,
to benefit from substantial taxes savings on earnings.

Multiple laws that continually evolve rule this kind of investments.

Taking advice in order to optimize your investment

One must never forget that it’s the quality of a real-estate
investment that makes its value.

Tax exemption is important but cannot be the only motivation.

A selection of the best products, chosen by our company and
that offer all the needed guarantees in order to insure the
optimization of your investment, will be proposed to you.

Our advisors and reps are here to study your project,
and will propose you the right investment according to
your specific objectives.

Invest in « Déficit Foncier » (Land Deficit), in « MH »
(Historical properties), and in « Malraux » (Old buildings)

These investments are made for private individuals who are taxed on
the high categories of the Private Income Tax (« IRPP » in French)
or those who have got real-estate earnings.

AGIR Patrimony selects and suggests you several top investments that offer a fair distribution between the real estate price, the construction work price, and the cost price by square feet compatible with the Market.

A turnkey operation can be studied and realized at your demand
according to your objectives.


Investir en Scellier Métropole / Dom-Tom

This investment is directed to private individuals who wish to directly decrease their income tax by buying a real-estate property in France
or French Overseas Territories (“DOM-TOM”)

AGIR-Patrimony selects, within the Ile-de-France region and within the French regional major cities, the best products from well-known real-estate partners : BOUYGUES, KAUFMAN & BROAD, NEXITY, COGEDIM

Invest in « Girardin » (2012 : the last year !)

This investment allows you to acquire real-estate properties in the French Overseas Territories and thus benefit from substantial income tax savings, gathered within 5 years.

The tenants are selected based on the same criteria than those from the home country and the ”unpaid rents” guarantee is in force.

Invest in « Loueur Meublé Non Professionnel » 
(Non-Professional renter out of afurnished property)

The « LMNP » Investment consist in purchasing a property from a lot, intended for Residential Business directed to a specific audience
(Tourists, Students, Seniors or Patients)

This option helps to establish ulterior complementary earnings that are subject to taxes or not, according to the type of LMNP.

Invest in « SCPI » (Real Estate Investment Trust, also commonly called « Pierre papier » - “Paper Stone”)

This formula is very simple and consists in investing in shares of companies dedicated to make real-estate investments.

According to the type of investment that these operators do,
you benefit from specific fiscal and tax advantages.


The « LIFE ANNUITY » is a classic real estate transaction with specific conditions of application, defined by contract, and that are fulfilled in time.

A winning operation for both co-contractors


Do not hesitate to contact us for any information you need !