Our Assets Management Department
advises you for your real-estate
investment with AGIR.


Invest to accommodate for oneself or invest in order to rent and/or reduce taxation real estate is the referring standard to build a strong patrimony.


Our Rentals Management Department can care about your properties and can guarantee you regular earnings.




You are the owner of one or many flats that you would like
to rent in order to obtain regular rental earnings.

To manage a rental place on your own to have time, a specific
legal knowledge and a complete know-how to accomplish all
the rental management administrative tasks.

A Team of Experts, One Unique Contact

Skilled and renowned, we support you all the way and
we manage your properties at a high level of safety.

You don’t have any more worries to cope with.

Carrying a perfect knowledge of the French Real Estate Market
of Paris and its surroundings, we are advising you and we are
defending you best interests.

We give you a full follow-up during all the stages involved in the
renting of your properties and with you and with your tenant,
a relationship based on mutual trust.

The Renting Process

  • Elaboration and renewal of the tenancy agreement

  • Establishment of entry and exit documents with pictures

  • Settlement of the due date notices and of the
    payment evidence documents

  • Collection of the rental payments

  • Reminder and chasing up by registered letters.

The Renting Follow-up

  • Tenant Charges Regularization

  • Annual revalorization of the rent

  • Payment of the co-owners common charges

  • Follow-up on administrative questions, of the
    construction or maintenance work ….

  • Monthly settlement of management reports

  • Monthly payment of the rent by bank transfer

  • Recuperation of the tax on home garbage.


Do not hesitate to contact us for any information you need !